Volume 12.2

Summer / Fall 2020
Seeking the Source

With his elemental artworks, Kamran Samimi explores time, form, and metaphysical truths.

Looking For Palehua

For the past decade, the obsession of local architect Graham Hart has been Vladimir Ossipoff’s little-known personal retreat.

Full Figured

Madge Tennent is best known for her bold color palette and reverberating paint marks used to portray venerable Hawaiian women.

Scenes from a Bon Dance

In gatherings of community, Obon celebrates Japanese heritage and the passing on of ancestral traditions.

Unraveling Lei

A history of Hawai‘i’s prosperous lei trade and its native vendors.

Treasured Past

From royal jewelry to personal stationary, priceless items are housed in the hidden collections of ‘Iolani Palace, some of which…

Fostering ‘Āina

MA‘O Farms, the largest organic farm on O‘ahu, is grounded in the mission of returning the Hawaiian community to its…


Glints of silver and elegant neutrals stoke a sense of ease and comfort at the already homey and refined Charlot…

Pretty Wild

Eerie, avant-garde expressions of nature, the alien arrangements from Renko Floral are marvelous to behold.

Brutes On The Beach

Despite a history of detractors and a villainous role in pop culture, Brutalism has become one of Hawai‘i’s most defining…

Behind the Scenes

Six filmmakers, whose recent projects paint gripping portraits of spiritual transcendence and ‘ina, share inspirational settings for their work around…


Halekulani Hotel

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