Filipino Futures

More than 50 years ago, the artist Yvonne Cheng took a batik class at Bishop Museum. Since then, she’s become…

Written in Stone

More than 50 years ago, the artist Yvonne Cheng took a batik class at Bishop Museum. Since then, she’s become…

Creative Country

More than 50 years ago, the artist Yvonne Cheng took a batik class at Bishop Museum. Since then, she’s become…

Beauty and Batik

More than 50 years ago, the artist Yvonne Cheng took a batik class at Bishop Museum. Since then, she’s become…

Preserving the Kingdom’s Memory

The ongoing restoration of ʻIolani Palace goes far beyond fixing floorboards.

Picturing the Past

A growing collection of vintage postcards and travel ephemera offers a peek at Hawai‘i’s golden era of tourism.

Full Figured

Madge Tennent is best known for her bold color palette and reverberating paint marks used to portray venerable Hawaiian women.

Looking For Palehua

For the past decade, the obsession of local architect Graham Hart has been Vladimir Ossipoff’s little-known personal retreat.

Seeking the Source

With his elemental artworks, Kamran Samimi explores time, form, and metaphysical truths.

The Ghost of Manookian

The modernist Armenian painter Arman Manookian lived a short and mysterious life. He left a legacy that defies definition yet…

Julia Morgan’s Enduring Oasis

In Honolulu, a not-so-hidden gem by one of the most prolific architects of the 20th century.

Modern Age

The collodion process remains one of photography’s most challenging. Kenyatta Kelechi dips back into time by reviving this tintype style…

A Pivotal Role

Since his debut with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, cellist Joshua Nakazawa has fostered a unique musical life in the islands.

Abe’s Void

The impenetrable Hawai‘i artist Satoru Abe has been creating enigmatic works for the last 50 years.

Dream States

Pegge Hopper’s signature style of calm and cool portraiture of Polynesian women have become a symbol of the female flaneur…

Lady of the Lounge

Maggie Herron, the jazz-belting pianist at Lewers Lounge, sets the mood each week with bluesy standards, original songs, and a…

Site for the Senses

Overlooking the sea in an east Honolulu neighborhood is Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture, and Design, a space…

Allurement Infinite

Drawn to a bold new world of Japanese printmaking, novelist James Michener developed a keen awareness for a generation of…

Art of the Stitch

Hawaiian quilts embody treasured memories from Hawai‘i’s storied history and remind us of the value of craftsmanship.

Reeling in Honua

After four years, Hōkūle‘a, the famed deep-sea sailing canoe, completed its circumnavigation of the globe. Nearly every moment of that…

A Sense of Renewal

An ikebana sensei and an acclaimed sculptor debut a floral centerpiece that breathes new life into Halekulani’s welcoming space.

Mood Indigo

The artisans of Hawaiian Blue infuse island-style indigo into hand-dyed creations.

Re-Exposing Kalākaua

A groundbreaking exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art pushes viewers to ho‘oulu, or increase, their scopes of admiration for…

Satire and Serenity

Masami Teraoka’s fantastically subversive artwork finds a surprising solace on the east side of O’ahu.

Rhapsody In Bloom

Creation happens organically at the sun-kissed studio of botanical artist Hadley Nunes.

Of Place and Palette

Nearly 80 years ago, artist Georgia O’Keeffe produced paintings inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, displaying her masterful ability to capture…

Well Versed

Whether she has a baton or pen in hand, noted conductor JoAnn Falletta commands an audience.

Between Ocean and Sky

Artist and voyager Hana Yoshihata explores the mystique of nature’s vastness in her dazzling works.

Shape Shifter

Surfer and board shaper Toots makes his mark on the Waikiki lineup.

In a Sea of Change

A groundbreaking new exhibition displays the wave of influence Japanese-American artists had on the Abstract Expressionism movement.

Between Two Seas

In an ever-evolving digital media landscape, independent book publisher Deuxmers remains relevant by staying small.

Telling Tales

Jacqueline Rush Lee layers new meaning using old books.

Miniature Master

The Japanese art form of bonsai gets a Hawaiian treatment in the hands of Kahi Ching.

The Time Keeper

For nearly five decades, photographer Franco Salmoiraghi has documented important moments, daily life, and disappearing sights in Hawai‘i.

The Funk Surgeon

Like any good scat tune, Eddie Henderson’s musical journey has followed a meandering path, and has led him to become…

In Too Deep

Clark Little puts himself in the most harrowing situations—all to capture the ocean at its most powerful.

The Sultan of Surf

More than mere decorative objects, Leleo Kinimaka’s traditional wooden surfboards are the result of a family legacy spanning 17 generations.

More Than A House

The Liljestrand House tour is a mix of childhood memories and architectural history.

Spectrums of Color

Photographer Andrew McHowell captures exotic locales from around the world, instilling a sense of wanderlust in us all.