Volume 9.2

Summer / Fall 2017
In a Sea of Change

A groundbreaking new exhibition displays the wave of influence Japanese-American artists had on the Abstract Expressionism movement.

Shape Shifter

Surfer and board shaper Toots makes his mark on the Waikiki lineup.

Searching The Depths

Separated by time and place, two siblings discover the ocean’s inexorable pull.

Cleaning Up The Coast

World champion waterman Kai Lenny spreads awareness about the problems of plastic pollution.

North Shore Beaches

About 27 miles out from downtown Honolulu is the North Shore of O‘ahu, where people travel from all over the…

Salvaging Stories

Salvage Public tells a different story of surfing and Hawai‘i through its designs.

Keen on the Curl

Steven Kean’s surf-inspired woodblock prints convey the energy of the ocean.


On the southeast corner of O‘ahu is Waimānalo, affectionately known as “God’s country,” because of its natural beauty.

Riding High

Halekulani surfers share their stoke and love for Hawai‘i’s waters.


Halekulani Hotel

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