Volume 8.1

Summer / Fall 2016
The Sultan of Surf

More than mere decorative objects, Leleo Kinimaka’s traditional wooden surfboards are the result of a family legacy spanning 17 generations.

In Too Deep

Clark Little puts himself in the most harrowing situations—all to capture the ocean at its most powerful.

The Funk Surgeon

Like any good scat tune, Eddie Henderson’s musical journey has followed a meandering path, and has led him to become…

Worth Its Weight In Water

The waterfront traditions of ancient Hawaiians, and how they formed the Waikīkī we know today.

An Epic Journey

American Epic traces the influence of the Hawaiian steel guitar on musical traditions across the country.

The Art of Tea

Perfected in Japan as part of the traditional tea service, matcha can be enjoyed in a variety of ways at…

Checking The Surf At Waikīkī

A genealogy of the breaks that make up the most famous shoreline in the world and the story of the…

The Sound Of Hawai‘i

For the last century, the Kamaka family has fine-tuned the ‘ukulele, that ubiquitous instrument of the isles.

An Afternoon on Monsarrat Avenue

Take a leisurely stroll down this street in the shadow of of Diamond Head.

Shangri La

This stunning example of modernist architecture houses Doris Duke’s celebrated collection of Islamic art.

Explore Historic Hawaii

Discover the buildings that shaped Hawai‘i’s storied past.

Hawaii Yachts

A seaworthy sail aboard Hawai‘i Yachts and Global Ocean Club.


This neighborhood filled with historic homes offers respite from the urban city.

Hawaii Pops

Hawaii Pops presents energetic performances to music lovers who want to get up and move.


Halekulani Hotel

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