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Cinematic O‘ahu

With its sweeping mountain ranges, evocative beaches, and cast of colorful characters, Hawai‘i is difficult to visit without imagining it in widescreen.
For more than 35 years, the Hawai‘i International Film Festival has been shining a light on emerging films from Asia, the Pacific, and North America right here in one of the most cinematic places in the world. Directing the show is the festival’s newly minted executive director, Beckie Stocchetti, who shares her favorite locations on O‘ahu that will leave you feeling like you’re starring in a movie of your own making. —Matthew Dekneef
Hawai‘i International Film Festival runs November 2–12, 2017. For more information about film screenings, location details, and events, visit hiff.org.
Beckie Stocchetti

Beckie Stocchetti, executive director of Hawai‘i International Film Festival.

Exterior of Hawaii Theatre
Hawaii Theatre, known as “The Pride of the Pacific,” is located at 1130 Bethel Street in Honolulu.
Chinatown and Hawaii Theatre
Adjacent to O‘ahu’s major industrial harbor, Chinatown is everything you dream of a port city condensed into a few blocks. The history of the neighborhood, as a port of entry rife with sailors, merchants, and immigrants, remains in the bricks of its buildings and sidewalks. The neighborhood has changed dramatically over the decades, with its primary visitors shifting from merchants and military to artists and foodies. But a walk through Chinatown today features a mix of flourishing Chinese outdoor markets, bars, restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and shared work spaces. Among all this stands the historic and glorious Hawaii Theatre, with its stunning marquee. Much like Chinatown, Hawaii Theatre offers an experience that recalls days long past, with a façade and interior reminiscent of the early days of theater and cinema. And yet, with its contemporary lineup of programming, it remains at the forefront of what’s coming next.
Musician Eddie Henderson playing the trumpet
Jazz musician Eddie Henderson is a frequent performer at Lewers Lounge. He paid a visit to Halekulani in November 2017 for its Live at Lewers Masters of Jazz series, held in partnership with the Hawai‘i International Film Festival.
Lewers Lounge
Halekulani is the most exquisite and luxurious resort on O‘ahu, and its Lewers Lounge offers the best reason to get dressed up and enjoy a delicious cocktail. Ripe with cinematic allure, Lewers Lounge has picture-perfect food and drinks, pristine detail in its décor, and numerous guests who have been featured in a film or two. The ambiance of the lounge is set by its dramatic lighting and frequent live music, together offering an allure that is commonly sought after in cinema.
Chinamans hat
Kualoa Ranch and Mokoli‘i
Made famous in Jurassic Park, Kualoa Ranch’s breathtaking shores, peaks, and valleys are staples of the film industry on O‘ahu. The Morgan family has, for generations, been the stewards of this land, keeping the ranch pristine, undeveloped, and accessible to a wide range of industries. Kualoa Ranch and the shores along Mokoli‘i (Chinaman’s Hat) have been featured in more than 50 movies and television shows.
Tree in foreground with mountains in background
Doris Duke's Shangri La ocean view
Doris Duke’s Shangri La
At this historic home in Honolulu’s Kahala neighborhood, architecture, art, and nature seem to flow endlessly in and out of each other. Thoroughly suffused with the mystique of Doris Duke herself, the home is rich in a cinematic aesthetic of modernist architecture, gardens, sweeping pools, and Islamic art and design. The estate overlooks the ocean and Diamond Head, and includes unique dramatic features like marble entryways, floral tiles, silk textiles, chandeliers, mosaic inlays, artifacts, and archival photos. Doris Duke’s story has been the focus of at least two movies, and strolling through Shangri La easily inspires modern-day creatives and dreamers.
Doris Duke's Shangri La "golden" hallway
Complimentary tours of Doris Duke’s Shangri La are provided to Halekulani guests on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.
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